Rustic Curtain Rod



These rustic curtain rods are completely hand forged from solid 5/8 thick reclaimed iron.  Family heirloom quality, artisan level craftsmanship.

Mounting Brackets NOT Included. Please find my bracket listing here:



Length is based on the “hang-able area”, meaning the decorative ends and brackets are not included in the measurements. The length you buy will be the area between each bracket and is the usable area. The brackets and decorative ends extend approximately 3 to 5″ on each side. It is recommended to order a hang-able area at least 4″ wider than your window width, just make sure you have space on either side of the window for the finial and bracket extensions.


Finial options are from left to right in the main photo. Shepherd’s Hook(left), Feather, Curl, and Flare(right). The finish in the main photo is Brushed Steel. An Oil Blackened finish is also available and can be seen on the 3rd photo.

If your curtain grommet size is smaller than 3/4″ you will need hooks as they will not fit around the 5/8″ rod. If you require hooks just message me and I’ll create a private listing for your order.


This is a brushed steel satin finish that goes well with both modern and rustic decor. It is not a high shine, factory gloss kind of look. Some forge scale will be present. While it does have a slight shine, it is not polished steel. It is however wonderfully unique, and offers a truly handmade feel that you can’t find with mass produced items.


This satin black finish has touches of grey, and allows the texture and forge work in the steel to come through. Our black oxide process penetrates into the metal and provides one of the most durable finishes out there. This finish also offers a much more complex and unique finish compared to paint, which will wear and chip over time and covers the hand forged look of the piece.

Fully customizable. Just contact me!

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30 inches ($125.00), 35 inches ($130.00), 40 inches ($135.00), 45 inches ($140.00), 50 inches ($145.00), 55 inches ($150.00), 60 inches ($160.00), 65 inches ($170.00), 70 inches ($190.00), 75 inches ($210.00), 80 inches ($230.00)


Materials: steel, wrought iron, iron, metal, forged, forged steel, hand forged metal, hand forged steel, blacksmith made

Finial and Finish

Shep Hook Brushed, Shep Hook Blackened, Feather Brushed, Feather Blackened, Curl Brushed, Curl Blackened, Flare Brushed, Flare Blackened

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