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This piece is hand made from top quality reclaimed steel. I first start with light weight and versatile 1″ X 1/8″ solid steel bar. I then hand forge it into shape using only traditional blacksmithing techniques. I then distress the metal for character, and seal with beeswax and linseed oil leaving a very unique and water resistant finish.



The low profile projection from wall is approximately 1 1/2″, which is great for under sink towel bars. Lengths are based on hole to hole measurements. Actual length will be 1-1.5″ longer than the size selected. Projection and dimensions vary slightly as this item is hand worked.

If you need a length not listed or a different projection just message me. I can customize to your specs!

Item comes with patina screws that match the vintage look of the piece.


This is a brushed steel satin finish that goes well with both modern and rustic decor. It is not a high shine, factory gloss kind of look. Some forge scale will be present. While it does have a slight shine, it is not polished steel. It is however wonderfully unique, and offers a truly handmade feel that you can’t find with mass produced items. After wire brushing, I add a no VOC clear coat which provides a barrier to help prevent corrosion and bring out the natural beauty of the hand worked metal. (For outdoor use, message me BEFORE ordering to add a coat of spar urethane.)


This satin black finish allows the texture and forge work in the steel to come through, whereas paint covers the natural beauty of the hand worked texture of the steel and is prone to chipping. We use an oxidation process that provides an extra layer of corrosion protection while offering a deeper, more authentic blacksmith finish.

I use only a traditional blacksmith’s methods, and small characteristic differences, dimensions and intentional distressing make every piece unique. That’s how you know it’s hand made!

If you’d like a custom bar or rack or other item please contact me! I can modify this or any of my items to your specifications.

Please feel free to ask questions, I’m happy to help!

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Materials: steel, wrought iron, iron, metal, forged, forged steel, hand forged metal, hand forged steel, blacksmith made

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  1. Cindy Mijares

    very good!

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